Biden’s student loan cancellation plan is blocked. Can you still apply and what relief is still available for borrowers?


(Washington D.C.) The Biden administration has stopped accepting applications for federal student loan cancellation initiative after a court struck down its plan on Thursday evening.

The suspension of the cancellation program comes shortly after a federal judge rejected President Joe Biden’s executive action in August to cancel up to $20,000 in student debt for tens of millions of Americans, who will now no longer be receiving it.

The White House quickly appealed on Friday, November 11th saying that they “strongly disagree” with the court’s decision. The appeals process could take weeks and many borrowers will be left wondering what to do during this time, with payments due to resume as of January 1st 2023.

“QUICK VERSION: Borrowers Should Know they still have options, and they should explore those options as a means to eliminate making higher payments than they can otherwise afford, when payments come due August 1st. The FREE Eligibility check line allows borrowers to see if they qualify for existing forgiveness programs. Its strongly urged borrowers call this toll free number to speak with a qualified eligibility counselor (844) 983-4999.

So what can borrowers do in the mean time? “Traditional loan forgiveness is still on the table”, Said Bill Mangren, a student loan consultant and partner of College Tuition Alternatives. “Borrowers should be exploring their available repayment options, even while cancellation is in limbo if not completely off the table, and should further assure they’re enrolled in the proper programs, and that’s where student loan advocates such as ourselves can lend a helping hand to those suffering from the threat of higher payments come January when repayment is sure to start.” “The application for traditional income based forgiveness is still very much alive and well and borrowers that are trying to prepare for repayment should do everything they can to assure they are in the lowest payment they have the RIGHT to qualify for.

So, what steps can borrowers take to find the relief they deserve?

The income driven forgiveness helpline has been around for years, and yet millions of borrowers have yet to take advantage of the available programs they’re entitled to. So what steps can borrowers take to get relief? Fortunately, there is help available for those who are in need. Here are the steps you can take to check your eligibility:

  1. Call the student loan income driven forgiveness enrollment helpline at (844) 983-4999
  2. Get your Free evaluation and see what all your options are.
  3. Get enrolled and enjoy payments as low as $0.00 a month with term forgiveness.

What is Income-Driven Forgiveness?

Income-driven forgiveness is the forgiveness of all or a portion of you federal student loan balance based on certain qualifying factors, that could result in up to 90% of your balance being forgiven.


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